Miyoko Asada

Project Leader

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Master of Traditional Bagua-Zhang and Traditional Taiji-Chuan.
Six (6) years experience of Chinese Martial Arts study in China.
Holding 5th duan (degree) of Chinese Wushu Association.
‘Japan KungFu Life Project’ Project Leader, and Chief Instructor of Bagua-Zhang and Taiji-Chuan.


TCM Massage Specialist “4th Degree” of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (河南中医学院 職業按摩師「4級」)
“Middle A Class” of HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) (漢語水平考試「中級A」)
“5th duan” of Chinese Wushu Association (中国武術協会 武術段位「5段」)