No Kungfu, No Life !

Our Team – “Kungfu Life Labo”

Our Team, a study group named “Kungfu Life Labo”, is studying and practicing a certain lifestyle called ‘Ten Ren He Yi (天人合一)’ through mainly Bagua Zhang (八卦掌, hereinafter called Bagua) and Taiji Chuan (太極拳, hereinafter called Taichi). We are calling that lifestyle ‘Kungfu Life’.

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‘Ten Ren He Yi (天人合一)’

‘Ten Ren He Yi’ is the philosophy and science of life in the Ancient China, in which a human being can live unity and fusion with Nature.

This Website

This site is the official website of “Kungfu Life Labo”.
It contains news and notices from us, information that seems to be useful for the training of Bagua or Taichi, and information about Kungfu Life.


Our team is currently stopping dissemination activities.